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Mediterranean-styled villa complex

26/09/2016 • Projects

Senturia Vuon Lai has become a new spotlight for Saigon Northeastern Region. Its residents will enjoy the most nature-friendly elements of a waterfront property facing rivers at two facades.

Mediterranean-styled villa complex

This villa property, just 30min-hour ride from downtown area, is designed thanks to Mediterranean inspiration on a 9.8-ha land plot at a prime location: It has two facades facing Saigon and Rach Gia rivers.

Senturia Vuon provides 194 adjoining villas and townhouses, of which there are 56 single-detached villas (300-580 m2, with exclusive pools). The remaining includes 41 semi-detached villas (200-404 m2), and 97 next-door townhouses (93-196 m2)

Superior conveniences, resort lifestyles

Lying on a 9.8-ha acre, Senturia Vuon Lai features prominent conveniences typically found at a ‘near-market first, near-river second’ prime property location, as in feng-shui way of speaking, including international-standard swimming pools, a public square, Mediterranean flower gardens, river-contouring walkways, camping sites, fishing ponds, multifunctional sporting areas, and a 24/7 surveilance system. Altogether they form the classiest property in northeastern Saigon where residents can enjoy superior facilities and contemporary blissful lifetyles.