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Senturia Vuon Lai – a resort-like leisure villa property

26/09/2016 • Projects

With two riverside facades catching fresh winds all year round, Senturia Vuon Lai is a spacious and tranquil leisure property far from the city hustle and bustle.

Senturia Vuon Lai – a resort-like leisure villa property

The 9.8-ha Senturia Vuon Lai, situated on the other bank of Vam Thuat river, belonging to An Phu Dong ward of District 12 (HCMC), is developed by Tien Phuoc Real Esate Company as a high-end leisure villa property.

Senturia Vuon Lai includes 97 townhouses, 41 semi-detached villas, and 56 single-detached villas. All living spaces are designed in a manner that ensures optimal spatial utilisation and natural exposure.

The exterior features harmonious moving blocks in steps and heights to create striking boldness and liberty, a good fit for house-owners who favor impeccable family-oriented lifestyle. The interior boasts large and vast space to accommodate different styles of furniture arrangement and display.

Every single detail of this project, from materials to plants, bushes or color shade, are well blended with the outdoor nature. Pathways are paved with basalt step-stones to create a feeling of curving movement and positive energy. Harmony is shown in house design and interior decoration. The aim is to catch as much ‘wealth energy’ as possible from wind, sunshine, and water elements.

According to Mr. Nguyen Huu Hong Ky, feng-shui guru, the project features three advangegous and compatible elements in one place, a critical condition to generate new wealth energy for prosperty, wealth, and good luck. The eastern and southeastern side of the property, where it confronts Saigon river up to 300 meters, inherit what is called ‘Wood element’ in feng-shui terms. Wood represents human beings, and it is strongly supported by the Water element in the North and Northeast, for Water gives birth to Wood. Water in feng-shui principle is said to manage wealth; therefore, according to Mr. Ky, this land-lot has all three compatible elements in one place, thus creating an fresh energy to bring about wealth, good luck, prosperity, and fullfilment.

According to one representative from Tien Phuoc Real Estate Company, Thanks to its feng-shui advantageous location, the property is clear of any ‘direction & omen’ concerns typically found amongst prospective buyers.

Senturia Vuon Lai is expected to hand over houses by Quarter 4 of 2017.