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Senturia Vuon Lai: riverside resort villas

26/09/2016 • Projects

With two façade facing Saigon and Rach Gia rivers, and the other side confronting Vuon Lai Street, Senturia Vuon Lai Villa can satisfy even the strictest prospective buyers right at their glance.

Senturia Vuon Lai: riverside resort villas

Tien Phuoc Real Estate JSC is going to build a brand-new resort-like villa complex named Senturia Vuon Lai in An Phu Dong Ward of District 12. In the future, it will become the first resort villa and townhouse property in Saigon Northeast Region, where residents can enjoy open-air refreshment and tranquility far from the hustle and bustle of Saigon streets.

A look on the map will reveal the project’s prime location as it inherits what fengshui gurus would call ‘prosperity energy.’ According to feng-shui guru Nguyen Huu Hong Ky, the land-patch running 300 meters to the east and southeast of Saigon river is identified to inherit ‘Wood element.’ Wood symbolises human beings, and it is strongly supported by Water element of Rach Gia river in the north and northeast, since Water element gives birth to Wood. In feng-shui principles, Water element controls the flow of money; therefore, according Mr. Ky, the land-lot of Senturia Vuon Lai lies at a supreme location marked with three advangegous and compatible elements, thus creating an fresh energy to bring about wealth, good luck, prosperity, and contentment.

Senturia Vuon Lai comprises of 97 garden houses adjoining each other, 41 semi-detached villas, and 56 single-detached villas. Thanks to its feng-shui advantageous location, the property is clear of any ‘direction & omen’ concerns typically found amongst prospective buyers. The location is naturally favorable from the beginning, and the prosperity energy it brings about, in feng-shui terms, will even boost wealth for the sake of residents.

With over 23 years of experience in mid-end and high-end project development, Tien Phuoc leverages that original feng-shui vantage point to turn Senturia Vuon Lai into a property of even better feng-shui value by deploying nature-friendly exterior and interior designs. Everything from building materials to color shades and green space is designed to embrace the nature. Internal pathways are paved with basalt step stones to create natural curves and movement feeling, a typical design to ensure positive energy for the property. This striking harmonious feature is also shown in every communal and public facilities. Everything is mingled in order to create the most ideal place for family enjoyment and recreation.

The developer will estimatedly hand over houses to buyers in Quarter 4 of 2017. Senturia Vuon Lai is a place worth living for future occupiers, with rivers and prime location abound. It is not only a classy resort garden villa boasting quality living but also an esteemed property in terms of potential reselling values