The 14.6-ha project is situated at a strategic riverfront location, featuring 3,000 primer apartments, office leases, retail facilities & a 88-floor complex tower. An ideal destination for those who yearn for modern and convenient lifestyles.

It is accessed via East-West Avenue and Thu Thiem Tunnel and within a 5-min ride from the existing downtown area.It is a joint venture project of Tien Phuoc Real Estate JSC, Tran Thai Real Estate Co. Ltd., Denver Power Ltd (belonging to Gaw Capital Financial Group, United Kingdom), and Keppel Land Co. Ltd.

Location: Thu Thiem New Urban Zone, District 2, HCMC
Project type: Township
Ownership period: Ownership validity:

Permanent ownership for Vietnamese nationals, and 50 year lease-hold for foreigners.

Area: 14.5 ha

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