Deriving inspiration from a large green park serving as project centerpiece, the amenity-rich Senturia An Phu features 21 exclusive conveniences, most notably a long-stretching strip of swimming pools contouring townhouses and villas, all designed to boast a nature-friendly and vibrant lifestyle. 

Vietnam Property Awards 2018 is one of the most prestigious and well-acclaimed real-estate awards across Asia. This year’s event spanned 43 categories including Construction Excellence, Architectural Design, Community Projects, and Customer Care. Eligible entries are those already executed or are going to be implemented in 2018 and 2019.

“Senturia An Phu is now in preparatory phase and it is readily available for commercial launch in 2018.” says Ms. My Hanh, following the ceremony, “This internationally acclaimed award is a deserving recognition of Tien Phuoc’s expertise, endeavor, as well as commitment in introducing exceptionally designed townhouses and villas to the market.”

Two honorable Vietnam Property Awards bestowed two years in a row were obvious indications of Tien Phuoc’s steadfast commitment in uncompromised quality and credibility while striving to deliver the most innovative and creative real estate products. Last year, the company was bestowed another title for Senturia Vuon Lai, also within the context of Vietnam Property Awards.

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